Mobile Ad Spend on the Way UP – Kelsey Group

Gotta love news like this. Thanks to Marketing Pilgrim for spreading a little sunshine!

While there are a multitude of reports having marketers bracing themselves for this recession, there are still a number of optimists who say that the best is yet to come. The Kelsey Group is one such optimist, reporting that mobile ad spend is on the way up, and mobile search will lead the way.

Their prediction? Over five years, mobile ad spend will increase 81.2% annually (compound growth rate), going from $160M last year to $3.1B (yes, billion) in 2013. Over the same period, mobile local search will grow from 1/8 of the total mobile spend to nearly half—from $20M to $1.3B, consistently constituting a little over half of the mobile search spend.

And here are some happy charts to illustrate the point.

Mobile Ad Spend - Kelsey Group

Mobile Ad Spend - Kelsey Group

Oh, and if the allocation in the second chart looks grim for SMS, consider that in the 2008 chart, the SMS slice accounts for $100 million. In the 2013 chart, SMS accounts for $270 million. So don’t cry too hard.

Search, on the sunnier side, grows from $39 million to about $2.3 billion.

read the rest of the article here, and add a little more joy to your week.


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